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Virtual Smart Tour

EXCLUSIVE: Quadrant Smart launches the UK’s first Virtual Smart Tour

With the United Kingdom’s ever-shifting geopolitical landscape, city-regions are now taking the lead in developing their own smart city ambitions.

Policies such as technology to enhance the lives of citizens and reducing carbon emissions are critical in the regeneration and evolution in the places we live and work.

During the pandemic, Quadrant Smart has produced in association with several local authorities, a series of virtual events exploring the recent real-time projects from city-wide rollout of 5G. targets for net-zero carbon to the rise of IoT in public services.

Due to demand Quadrant Smart are delighted to announce the launch of the UK’s first smart virtual tour. Working in association with city councils, we will deliver a series of virtual events investigating the latest smart city developments in the towns and cities we call home.

Each interactive 1-day event will be in the form of four, one-hour-long sessions. Every session is free to attend with presentations on the latest smart city innovations, key speakers and an interactive panel Q&A discussion.

Upcoming Events

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